About Us

We are Rachel Hunt and Ryan Tonegawa, newlywed Canadians embarking on the journey of a lifetime.  We have decided to break out from our current lives and explore the world together.  We have worked hard and saved for years to finally have the opportunity to feed our Wanderlust!  We have liquidated our assets and gone nomad in 2015.

In the last five years Rachel has worked very hard to achieve her goals.  After receiving her degree in Sociology from McMaster University she went on to earn her diploma in the Community Worker/Outreach & Development program at Sheridan College.  Applying her skills and knowledge in the workforce allowed Rachel to quickly excel in her career in the non-profit sector.  While  Rachel feels the big accomplishments are  important in life, she also believes the moments in between these achievements are what make you who you are.  Reflecting on a moment she shared with a stranger, Rachel says:  “…I realized this one day when I held the door open for an older gentleman.  He had trouble walking and needed a cane for support.  As he passed me he grabbed my hand, looked me in the eyes and said thank you with such gratitude.  It was as if no one had ever done that for him before.  That moment to me was as important as any diploma or promotion.  It taught me how important it is to take a step back, look at people and see the simple moments of generosity, gratitude and humility.”

Ryan has been an amateur travel photographer his entire life.  As a child he actively traveled up and down the east coast of North America with his Grandparents which opened his eyes to the vastness of our planet.  He would  tote along what ever random camera was available at the time and capture the expanding world around him.  For Ryan it feels like eons since he has traveled for the sake of exploration.  As fresh nuptials hang in the air and the seeds of a new family are forming, the perfect time has come to go out and see the world again.  He has spent the past three years honing his craft as a professional photographer, sharpening his skills in the Wedding/Event industry, refining techniques in the action sports scene and completing commissions for his ever expanding client list.  The next step for him is to take that knowledge on the road and once again, create images for himself.  Ryan has been living a hectic lifestyle and it’s time to slow down and gain some perspective.

We land in Ecuador and plan to take a few weeks to settle in.  Our destination the following month will be the awe inspiring Machu Picchu.  After trekking through the Inca Trail the next place we go will be wherever the wind takes us.

A large part of the plan, is not to plan.

I didn't know you like to get wet?


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  1. Beautifully put – enjoy every minute of this adventure – it will set you up for meaningful lives together.

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  2. A large part of the plan is not to plan – great plan! It’s the way to travel if you can, so good luck to you both


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