White Water Rafting

After our trek down and up the Colca Canyon, we realized we had been doing a lot of trekking on our tip and wanted to try something new.  Our hostel offered a white water rafting trip down the Chili river which we thought sounded like fun, so we signed up for a new adventure!  We were picked up in the afternoon and met the others in our group.  Rye as usual was cool as a cucumber while I was slightly worried about flipping over and dying!  In the car I was completely silent which for those of you who know me is very unusual, so I think Rye realized I was pretty nervous.  But as we’ve learned, the most nerve-racking things are usually the most fun!  We reached our first destination and were given our wet suits, helmets and paddles and then driven another 15 minutes to the starting point.  Which was an adventure on it’s own.  The normal road to the drop off point was closed so we had to take a detour.  Which in Peru could mean anywhere.  At one point we found ourselves, in the van with a huge trailer on it, slowly backing up around a curve, on the edge of a mountain to get enough speed to make it up the next turn.  After the van finished slipping out on gravel it gripped and we went roaring up the hill.

All set!

Once we arrived and got dressed in our gear we were split into two groups, the one group had 2 people plus a guide and ours had 4 and a guide. We stepped in the water to jump in the boat and realized the river was not named ironically because it was CHILLLLLI!!  Once we were in the boat our instructions were easy, paddle when we were told, stop paddling when we were told and when he said ‘IN’ we were to dive in the boat, tuck our paddles in and hold on for dear life.  Easy right!

We started in some small waves, just getting the hang of it.  Then we got into the big stuff and I’m not gonna lie…it was AWESOME!

Don’t get me wrong, it was hard work but if I’m being honest, the guide did most of it.  Going down the large rapids, we just had to sit and hang on while the guide steered the boat and made sure we didn’t flip.

As we went on, the waves got bigger and bigger  and therefore more and more fun!  We were told that we had reached a level 4  on the white water rafting scale that only goes to 6 so it got pretty intense…but AWESOME!  Overall it was a very fun and exciting experience and we would do it again in a heartbeat.

Chili Rafting (21)

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