An Adventure with Ligia & Friends!

Day 25

We had some new travelers join us at the house for a week. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Chasa and Jenny from Germany! …And not too forget Ligia, our magnificent Spanish Teacher!

Since they are also learning some Spanish and traveling through Ecuador they joined for a trip around the area. Ligia combined a site seeing adventure with a lesson in some real world language learning. We toured around the mountains and volcanoes through the eyes of a local. We had the pleasure of seeing some breathtaking landscapes, historical landmarks and a pack of crazy bikers who shared their liquor with us. “Strange biker gang? Sure let’s all have a swig!”

Here are a few of our favorite photos from the day. Enjoy! (This post is a little different. Click on the photos to read more about each one.)


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  1. Beautiful!


  2. La mejor experiencia con nuestros amigos y el mejor día de práctica vivencial de español, en los lugares de energía mística, rodeado de volcanes y montañas, Lloa una comunidad al pie del volcán Wawa Pichincha.

    Abrazos y buenos recuerdos desde Quito, su profesora Ligia Pérez.


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