Out for Swiss Brunch

I think we'll take it!As of late last night, we have some new guests in the house! A very nice mother and her young daughter have joined us, while they search for a more permanent home in the area. This morning we got to go house hunting with them in Tumbaco and it was super fun to pretend we were potential clients as well! 😉 Except it’s hard to trick a sales agent when you barely speak the language.

Tumbaco is a small village just down the mountain from our house with a lovely view of the landscape. Following a taxi tour of the area our host Judith was kind enough to bring us to her favourite Swiss brunch spot; a secret oasis known as Café Mare, tucked in the narrow streets of Tumbaco.

This place was AWESOME and we could’ve stayed there for the entire day. We were some of the earliest guests to arrive and had first pick of an amazing spread.

Soooo good

There was fresh bread, pretzel buns, croissants, challah, with tons of cheeses and spreads to choose from. Six or seven different jugs of freshly squeezed juices were sitting beside a giant urn of freshly brewed Swiss coffee. There were strawberries, mango, pineapple, papaya, bananas, and melon freshly cut and ready to devour. They had figs cooked in brown sugar, chocho, palm and quinoa salads and they were all delightful. Did I mention the bread and cheeses?!

Not only that but while we tried out our first bowl of fruit, one of the girls came out and asked us what kind of omelette we would like. And if you didn’t want an omelette how about a traditional Swiss Röschti? Which Rachel had and it was obviously delicious!

As if that wasn’t enough to top off a wonderful morning, we were treated to an intimate musical performance to enjoy while we digested all of the goodness that is Café Mare. Watch the video below and enjoy the mix of homemade instruments, local sounds and contemporary looping styles.


We could not have conceived a better way to compliment our meal and our environment. Quite simply, it was the best!


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  1. Awesome Rye and Rae,
    I feel the joy and happiness you two must have felt that morning. Although not as magical as there, it reminded me of my travels through Europe when I was young. Absolutely love your journey……xoxo


  2. You make us want to join you and you new friends for breakfast.


  3. I couldn’t concentrate on the rest of the post after reading PRETZEL BUNS


  4. soooooo cool 🙂


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