…and 5, 6, 7, 8… (Learning routines & other new things)

Day 5

We awake in a garden utopia.  Like really? How the heck did we find this place?

The night before, on our way home from picking up dinner, our gracious proprietor brought us to a tiny shop just up the road from her house. It was essentially a convenience store that a lovely Ecuadorian woman ran out of her home. You ring the bell and she scoots into her shop from a back door. Then we meet her at a gated opening, much like an old school western bank teller, to place our order. As we glance around the tiny shop we managed to pick out some crucial staples.

We ordered a half dozen eggs and buns for breakfast, a tiny bag of Ruffles, a tiny bag of Doritos and two giant beers…crucial staples. What? It was a long day!

Back to day five. We cooked up and ate our breakfast, then explored our accommodations. Judith, our host, has two awesome dogs! Reis, the stoic German Shepard and Ronnie the clown, an awesome Husky-Mutt mix.  Ronnie actually smiles from ear to ear, it’s hilarious!

After we checked out our digs, Judith invited us on a bike ride down the mountain to the village of Cumbayá. She took us to the Supermaxi for groceries, the bank, the post office (what’s a post office?), the bike shop (my fat butt needed air) and then for some lunch. Which by the way was freaking delicious!  Soup, rice, an amazing ceviche and some fresh lemonade for $3.50. It was a good thing we re-fueled because the ride home, was um, UP A MOUNTAIN! Let’s just say that the ride in to town is much easier.

Over our conversation at lunch we had learned that there hadn’t been much rain and Judith was hoping we’d bring it with us.  Sure enough, the moment we turned onto our street the drops began to fall. And fall. And fall.  (As of today I believe we are on our eighth day of rain.) But it usually only comes in the afternoon and late at night so we don’t mind.  It also keeps the temperature down which is good for riding bikes up mountains.

That evening we were pretty pooped.  So we made ourselves a nice fish dinner, set up a fire in our room and got a pretty damn good night’s sleep.

Day 6

January 17th would have been my Dad’s 57th birthday. This day was Robert Tonegawaparticularly tough. It had only been 12 days since his passing and with all of the commotion these past few weeks, it hadn’t fully absorbed into my brain yet. On this day I wasn’t feeling up for another mountain side bike ride so Judith took Rachel out to see where we might start Spanish classes near Ventura Mall.  This ride took about 3 hours.  (So no, we wouldn’t be starting classes there.)  More on that later.

I was able to spend this time with a few of my Dad’s favorite things, nature and gadgets. I took photographs of the beautiful gardens that surrounded us and learned what I could about building a blog. Can you believe we have WiFi on the side of a mountain? Dad would be impressed for sure!

Thank you for getting us here safely Pops and HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  We’ll miss you.

Ecuador Ama la Vida

Day 7

Not a lot happened on the 18th.  We finally caught our breath from this whirlwind of a New Year.  We learned more about how to internet, got into our books and oh yeah, more rain.

Day 8 – The Ocho

The morning of the 19th brought sunshine and honey! No really…fresh, straight from the Beekeeper honey. In case you are wondering if it’s better than store bought honey? Yes, yes it is…like eating strawberries straight off of the plant.  Judith’s property line is on the edge of a super steep gully and there is a beekeeper who maintains his apiary on the side of a cliff! After he finished with the hives he handed Judith two huge containers of honey.  Then she promptly gave one to us and that was a great surprise!
Also, I bet you can guess…rain. 🙂

*Bonus Post – Day 9 – until today

We woke up to Ronnie the killer! What a bad ass!

Which one is playing opossum?
Which one is playing opossum?

And we started Spanish classes with Ligia.  She is awesome! (Day 2 was today, Jan. 23)
And the rest of the time we have been catching up with our Journals, reading books, eating great food, planning our next adventures and getting to know our incredible host, Judith!

Thank you for following us along on our journey. We have had wonderful support so far! Following this post we will not be posting everyday. Who wants to read about us getting groceries and then eating them? But we will be sure to keep you posted on all of the exciting parts of our trip. It is my birthday tomorrow so perhaps we may have some stories to share. 😉

In the meantime, we are sure you are going to love this little number from the kids in “Steps” …Enjoy!


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  1. I’m not going to lie I will be chomping at the bit for your next story, please have an adventure for me ! I am living vicariously through you 😉

    Can’t wait to hear about it all when you get back, much love and joy

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  2. Sounds like a blast so far guys! Safe travels!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Your words for Day 6 were great Ryan. I’m loving all the pictures, and would love to see pictures of your accommodations. Not in a creepy stalker “I want to see where you sleep” way, more in a “I’m curious as to what their housing looks like” way. xo

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Please tell me that song wasn’t playing everywhere and was an earworm you needed to share? Loving the posts, i wait with bated breath to the next one. Have fun guys.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I found it by accident and had to share it! It was so ridiculous. Some weird Euro concept of American 90’s beach/country/techno life? That’s a thing right? Too funny not to creep you guys out with. 5,6,7,8…


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