Bye Bye Canada…Hello Ecuador!!!!

Day 2

Back to Pearson Airport we go, to try again (feeling hopeful)


Delta Airlines

Success!!!  Boarded the plane to Atlanta and had a smooth flight.
Success!!!  Boarded the second plane from Atlanta to Quito, Ecuador.
Plane landed… we survived the flight.

Now all we need is our luggage and our ride should already be waiting to take us to our hotel.

We found our bags and made our way through the arrivals gate. What looked like hundreds of drivers were lined up with signs waiting for their passengers. We see Bev, Xavier, Tiffany&Tammy, Juan, Universidad de San Francisco, Ben, Angie and so on…but no Ryan and/or Rachel.
So we wait…they must be coming.  Right?!

We waited for about 2 hours and realized we were stranded at the airport in Ecuador. What do we do?
So… we take our bags and grab a cab.

down the highway
By this time it was around 1:00 am and we were all tired, including the driver (too much yawning happening). At least we were finally on our way to the hotel but still hit a few roadblocks (literally).
The cab driver had to turn around about 4 times because of blocked roads (Accidents, broken water main, delivery trucks, delivery trucks?!)  He was definitely lost and it was very unsettling for the both of us.

oh...nice neighborhood!

Finally, we reach our destination (we think). We drove up to a door that had no markings or any distinctive characteristics of a hotel that we could see. At least it seemed to sort of match the address we think we had. Then the cab driver gives us our bags and with a grind in the clutch, off he goes before we could even say “ummmmm”.
So… we ring the door bell and wait…
…yes!!  Someone is coming.
We’re invited in, confirm our reservations (we think) and then we’re shown to our room.
The room had 3 single beds instead of 1 queen but who cares!!!  It’s 2 am and we’re finally in Quito!!!

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